Daylight Wine Saving Time

A couple of weeks ago we marked the end of Daylight Saving Time for this year by turning our clocks back an hour. Granted, now our mornings are brighter. But every afternoon around 4:30 we enter the dark age and begin the long night’s journey into day. 

By the way, the idea of aligning waking hours to daylight hours to conserve candles was first proposed in 1784 by Benjamin Franklin. Among other things, he also invented the urinary catheter. What a guy!

Anyhow, even though we’re off Daylight Saving Time for another year, down here in the cellar we’re on Wine Saving Time. 

Wine Saving Time (WST) is defined in The Concise Affordable Cellar Dictionary as follows: the 365 days of the year when one seeks delicious wine to either hoard (which I’ve been known to do) or when one seeks delicious wine that saves some coin for a second bottle. 

Either way, WST is always the right time.

Welcome back to the cellar.

Speaking of darkness, it simply pours out of our first bottle this month; creating a total eclipse of your wine glass. This wine is made from what I think of as the national grape of Spain, Tempranillo. And man, it’s good! 

Anciano 7 Year Gran Reserva 2013
Tempranillo, Valdepenas DO
750 mL LCBO#: 464214
$12.25 ($14.25 Save $2.00)

Anciano 2013 is a Gran Reserva. I’m kind of amazed it’s only $12.25. In Spain, Gran Reserva wines are typically made in outstanding vintages. And to be given this designation, they must spend considerable time ageing before they are released. 

This one was aged for seven years in the cellars of Bodegas Navalon, including 18 months in oak casks.

That eclipse in the glass I mentioned, has aromas of leather and tobacco. And on the tongue, it gives tastes of black cherry, prunes, cloves and orange.

As for presentation, the bottle comes wrapped in a fine gold wire thread that if anything, helps create the illusion you spent a lot more on it than you did. 

In terms of WST, I’ll be buying more of this one and saving it for someone I know who really, really likes it; me.

Our white this month is a beautiful Vouvray. All Vouvray wines are made with Chenin Blanc grapes that grow along the banks of the Loire River in the Touraine district of France.  The Chenin blanc wines of Vouvray are characterized by the grape’s natural high acidity floral aroma and lively taste.

Bougrier Vouvray Chenin Blanc
Loire, France
750 mL bottle LCBO#:  253229

This wine is overflowing with wafts of tangerine, pear and honey. There is a slight sweetness to it but the aforementioned acidity makes sure there is no mistaking it with a dessert wine. In wine vernacular, it is described as ‘off-dry’. Actually, it’s citrus soul is quite refreshing. I had it with baked Arctic Char and they were a perfect match. I think it would also be excellent with Captain High Liner’s Fish Sticks.

I say, hooray for this Vouvray!

Once in a while, a silly rhyme gets the better of me. 

This next bottle is yet another way to make the most of Wine Saving Time. I’ve gone back to that wonderful well in Chile; the winemakers at Cono Sur. We’ve previously met other members of the Bicicleta family, in particular, the Viognier and Chenin Blanc. So, I think it’s time we welcome the Cabernet Sauvignon to the cellar.

Cono Sur Bicicleta Cabernet Sauvignon
750 mL bottle LCBO#:  524371
$9.95 ($11.95 Save $2.00)
Limited Time Offer Until November 28, 2021

Cono Sur is a leader in sustainable wine production. And at its current under $10 price point, Bicicleta Cabernet Sauvignon is a lock for some serious wine consumption. 

It’s deep ruby in the glass, with aromas of plum, smoke, cedar, cassis and nuts. Smokey plum, cassis and ripe berry fruit entertain the taste buds. 

WST Alert: It’s only on sale until November 28th. So, in the words of this former adman, hurry, act now!

My gosh, time flies! On Wine Saving Time, it’s so easy to lose an hour or two. But we gain with the wine we get to know. Oh, and here’s a little info from chapter one of The Concise Affordable Cellar Field Guide and Manual. If it’s 4pm and you feel like a glass of wine, temporarily turn your clock forward an hour. Conversely, if it’s late and you feel like one last sip for the night, turn your clock back.

There you go. Another handy wine note from the cellar.

I hope you make the most of Wine Saving Time and we’ll see you in December. Until then, keep your glass of wine close and your friends even closer.


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Please let me know if you’d like to share some wine you love with the rest of us. 

2 thoughts on “Daylight Wine Saving Time

  1. Came in just in time as I was heading to the LCBO. We’ve picked up a couple of bottles of the Anciano 7:)

    Thanks for the laughs Jimmie! You are a wonderful comedic writer:) Lizzie

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