James Garbutt

For over 30 years, Jim Garbutt was an award-winning ad writer and creative director at a number of large Canadian and U.S. based advertising agencies. Upon retiring from ‘the business’, he discovered what he enjoys almost as much as a good glass of wine, is writing about it every month in Jim’s Affordable Cellar.   

A brief introduction to Jim.

“Before we get too far along and as a matter of introduction, I am not a sommelier. Nor am I an expert on wine. I simply enjoy it and like to write about it. That said, I do have some shall we say, less official wine credentials. I grew up in a house where wine was appreciated. The walls of a guest washroom were artistically adorned with labels from many great wines and wineries. It was there where I first got to know names like Barolo, Burgundy and Chablis. I did take a course in wine appreciation at Toronto’s George Brown College and I have toured the wine cellars of some of the world’s great restaurants and wineries. But mostly, I love wine.”